vendredi 23 octobre 2015

Witch's not dead

I never talked about All Them Witches? This is a very bad mistake.
I will not go to much into the details, because I am lazy, anyway I never give really useful details. Let's say this band of guys from the Tennessee has already some experience behind, but more importantly a lot of talent. This is the kind of sound you need when you wanna let your mind wander, but in a psychedelic landscape tainted of old school blues. All Them Witches will make you visit desolated landscapes from an epic past. It's going through some heavy passages, where the slow fuzz and the distortion, as well as the echo on the voice will make you feel like connecting to an old magic power. This bewitching feeling is  intensified by the unique touch of sensitivity and melancolia in the voice, that you now need to experience:

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