jeudi 26 novembre 2015


I don't know why all those bands must have a "sun" in their name. Must sound cool. Anyway, litteraly, the sound is cool. More than that. Sungrazer are one of the best heavy psych - stoner band out there. They sound a lot like Colour Haze, somehow slightly heavier. Perfect late night sound.

jeudi 19 novembre 2015

Californian trip

I highly recommand the californian band Sleepy Sun! I surely need to listen to this more than once, but I really like the peaceful atmosphere and the trippy passages, well this is some good lightweight psychedelic rock. Enjoy.

Official site:

mercredi 11 novembre 2015

Punk in the face

Hm I don't know what this is exactly, I don't think I have heard something similar before, and if that exists... I absolutely want more of it!!!

Sorry, this is not stoner nor heavy psych, but I stumbled on it while youtubing... maybe because it contains the word "doom" in the name? Actually, after some googling, I find out there's a stoner band from Norway which has the same name. This guys here are from New York and well, it's cool to rinse your ears with new sounds from time to time.

Anyway, to me it falls into some hardcore punk category, and it really kicks asses. Hell yeah.

Their bandcamp :