vendredi 29 avril 2016

Pray the three-eyed Goat-faced Gods

I clicked on this because of the illustration and I got caught almost instantaneously by the epicness of this desperate doom brain-melting melody.

jeudi 28 avril 2016

Brain short-circuit

..............what is this???? Melvins and Tool o.O ... That might have short-circuited my brain.

mercredi 20 avril 2016

Soul thief - stranger with a gun

Heavy and fuzzy !

I also appreciate the choice of Electricsheep for the video, go check this program, it's creating fractal screensavers by natural selection (evolution in action!) :P

lundi 18 avril 2016

Some goats, witches and black magic

Goats and witches are a continuously renewed source of inspiration for doom occult rock. One more example of good satanic shit: