samedi 26 novembre 2016

Some funky endless jams

Don't want to be only reposting videos from Stoned Meadow of Doom, but yeah this guy makes it difficult to not find good music on his channel...

I wanna share two albums that have some common points, in that they are more psychedelic than purely stoner, and have a little funky taste. These are both instrumental albums, but never boring, actually totally captivating as the melodies are really constantly changing and bringing contrast.

These are just awesome albums !!! Listen to them !

Tumbleweed Dealer - Tokes, Hatred and Caffeine
Hailing from Canada, this band has made some really good records previously, but this one immediately captured me.

Same for this band, coming from Belfast, I listened to their previous albums, had a nice impression, but THIS ONE! This one is a GOOD ONE!! Rock on guys!

New Planet of Zeus !!

new album, new tone. Great sound, but here were my first impressions : I felt like it had lost a bit of its groove... The voice is different too, more casual, and I liked a lot the roughness and brutality of the first albums. But then I let it decant a little bit, gave it a few more listens, and actually ended up playing this album 3, 5 times in a row... So yeah, the tone has changed, it's definitely a new atmosphere, darker, bitter and the result is quite addictive!

Planet of Zeus - Them Nights

PS: This album is not so new anymore, that's just because I made a draft of it few months ago and decided to let my impressions solidify...

jeudi 10 novembre 2016

mardi 1 novembre 2016

Hypnose, mushrooms and groove.

Okay I have a lot to catch up on my recent listenings...!

So let's start with this pure gem. Something that will bring you very high in groove land. Talking about Mushrooms Project, and this album Undergrass, which doesn't sound like anything else I have heard. At first I wasn't even sure if it would classify into electronic music or rock. It's characterized by a laid back tempo, being simultaneously quite slow-paced but very entrancing. It's impossible not to vibrate with dat groove. The whole album is absolutely hypnotic, dark, industrial, and reminds me a little of Pharaoh Overlord.

Next, digging deeper into that hypnotic vibe, I finally came across something in the same vein as Mushrooms Project. This is amazing :

jeudi 22 septembre 2016

A dose of happy craziness

You probably already know this band. Now personally, I only had heard "Rock Lobster" on the radio, but today I had this other song playing from my library: Hero Worship. Thought this might be worth some interest... A good dose of rock'n'roll, kind of pop, but definitely psych according to... er just a personal feeling. Anyway, enjoy this little gem of bubbling energy.

mardi 5 juillet 2016

A bit of garage rock to change

Seriously, I don't get how I never heard of Middle Class Rut before... because it's simply epic !!!
Their rock sounds incredibly dirty, usually I don't like it very much, but it gives them such an powerful and brutal atmosphere. The singing, loud, angry but somehow melancolic makes the whole composition so emotionally intense! Add to that a rhythm that hits hard, and you can't help headbanging. I need more bands like this.

jeudi 2 juin 2016

Stoner from the steppes

Prepare yourself. There is a wind from the east that blows a sudden cold air on your soul. It brings distant sounds of pinched strings and mouth harp. You're aspirated into a sad and melancolic folk trip. Then a new epic breath comes in with the throat singing. Yes, throat singing, like in mongolian music. But wait, that's not all. The rhythm accelerates, and now the song rises powerfully with bone-crushing riffs. If you resisted until there, you will let yourself be conquered by the powerful female vocals. That song is impressive. Take the trip:

vendredi 29 avril 2016

Pray the three-eyed Goat-faced Gods

I clicked on this because of the illustration and I got caught almost instantaneously by the epicness of this desperate doom brain-melting melody.

jeudi 28 avril 2016

Brain short-circuit

..............what is this???? Melvins and Tool o.O ... That might have short-circuited my brain.

mercredi 20 avril 2016

Soul thief - stranger with a gun

Heavy and fuzzy !

I also appreciate the choice of Electricsheep for the video, go check this program, it's creating fractal screensavers by natural selection (evolution in action!) :P

lundi 18 avril 2016

Some goats, witches and black magic

Goats and witches are a continuously renewed source of inspiration for doom occult rock. One more example of good satanic shit:

dimanche 3 janvier 2016

Never Enough Wah

Just for the Wah, I'll have to share this. My brain can't handle all the fun that causes the Wah... So much groove is insane. Just check out the rest of this Canadian band!