samedi 31 octobre 2015

Buying CDs

Just went to a second-hand disc store. I usually never remember what I am searching for when I actually enter such music store, so I end up every time with unexpected stuff.
Well this time I bought a Corrosion of Conformity, and another album from the Australian band Tracer.

Both are a amazing, but let's present Tracer. Tracer !!!! shit I had already downloaded the L.A. album and had a very good feeling about it, but sometimes you tend to forget how good an artist can be.

From listening to Spaces in Between several times in a row, I can only recommand this !

What makes this band so good? That's a combination of multiple factors, but the first that grabed me by the guts, whatever the rest of the sound is like, is the voice. This is really a distinctive feature of Tracer, compared to some other stoner bands where you sometimes are really disappointed by a mediocre singing. This is a powerful voice, reminiscent of some old school hard rock, but with a peculiar tone that instantly reminded me of Klaus Meine from Scorpions. But strangely this voice may seduce me because of its multiple nuances. In the song I am putting in this post, Devil Ride, it doesn't sound so much like Klaus Meine, but more like a french singer Alain Bashung who had a really unique voice as well. But then some other songs will make me think of Soundgarden's voice...

So you may also wonder how is the overall sound. It's as good as the voice, in a similar manner being powerful and contrasted. In "genre" words, I would describe this music as hard rock, with blues and southern rock influences, and of course an important desert rock touch, with heavy riffs that seem unstoppable. But my main impression about the Tracer sound is in terms of very general words: contrast. Unlike some bands that you need to stop listening after five minutes because it's just a wall of equal sound, these guys here know how to generate powerful songs by really bringing contrast to it. Some more peaceful and lightweight passages altern with heavy riffs, and as we said the voice is multi-dimensional, taking you by the spine when suddenly going wild.

Here are two songs. It's a torture to choose so it's obvious now that you should go for the full album, and then the other albums ;)

The very catchy first song of the album, Too Much:

And one I really really like, Devil Ride:

Edit: I actually just watched the video, I have to say it's not so interesting. But the sound !!

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